photo by Gee Sahota


  • Groover's real first name is Tony


  • Groover enjoys cooking, but isn't so good at washing up.

  • Groover's mohican was bestowed on him by the God's of Charity.
  • Groover likes snoo snoo, but not death by snoo snoo

Groover Likes

  • Jazz, Classical, DnB, Metal, Rock, Hip Hop, RnB, in fact you could say, if it's got a beat, it's pretty damn good. Radio 6, XFM, Films (espescially lets go to prison), coffee, Rooibus Tea, Carribean Cafe at Spitalfields, American Dad, Egg on Toast, boxer shorts, and all the pairs of socks Mum the Barbarian has knitted for me.

  • Inspirations include Jay Z, Mampi Swift, Freq Nasty, Eddy TM

The Barbarian Behind the Music

Beard among Gods

The Zombie Pirate

Havin' it!

Groover's beard, although mighty, is currently resting. However. his other outstanding accomplishments have included badly timed farts, upsetting girlfriends Dads and popping some awesome wheelies. 

Groover was once a Zombie Pirate, but only on a casual basis. Other looks have included Captain of the Ship, Frankenfurter and of course, a sex slave.

Having it is an important part of many musicians lives, and Groover has been lucky enough to large it up supporting Andy C, Freestylers, Scratch Perverts, Blue and even Billy Piper.