Central London Based DJ, Music Producer, Remixer, Promoter, A&R, Founder of Daylight Accessible J/DnB and Funky Barbarian Records. Part Time Super Genius, Full Time Banana, 6 music listener. Contact groovertb(at)gmail(dot)com for availability and quotes.

DJ highlights included a 5 year residency at UPSU, warm ups for The Freestylers, Scratch Perverts, Blue, Shed Seven and a whole lot more.

Other work experience has included Ents Crew, Festival Logistics Work on the first Homelands, Fleadh, Madstock, Festival of the sea Portsmouth, Reading. Operating Department Practitioner NHS 1988 to 1996

I started DJing in 1994 while I was working as an ODP at Queen Mary's Hospital in Sidcup and did a few party nights at the social club and then was asked to manage a group of the student nurses who formed a band. We had fun, did some gigs and then the drummer decided to move City and it finished the band, and I left to move to Portsmouth with the intention of doing agency work, but it all went wrong and I ended up at University studying Entertainment Technology under Dr Dave Allen. During this time I Started DJing at UPSU after doing ents crew work. I started DJing the comedy nights and then one evening the Ents Manager came in to the comedy night, heard what I was doing and offered me a Friday Night Residency that meant I got to DJ all the Ball and special occasions.

I hung up my cans in 2006 after a really really nasty ear infection. The whole right side of my head swelled up. The Dr suggested the problem might have been created by DJing and work went weird, I was fed up with all the backstabbing that went on and people trying to nick each others nights and UPSU disappeared in a bubble of weird logic, so I started songwriting on guitar.

I decided to have a go at teaching English abroad, but cos of stuff going on at home I couldn't settle and had really bad homesickness so I came home to help my mum get rid of a rather nasty guy. In 2008 I became really rather ill and nearly died from an abscess in my butt caused by Crohn's Disease. I survived and was given some awesome support from Don Boyle and Jeff on the Social Inclusion Team at Bexley CMHT(now closed). Don and Jeff gave me the encouragement to start looking at doing music courses and I progressed onto using Ableton to produce my own compositions and studied Music at City Lit under Sally Martin-Brown and got Grade 5 Music Theory. Following my time at City Lit I studied Music Production at Point Blank under Nick Ronin-Sound Design, Danny Dematos-Composition, Paul Rev-Ableton Mixdown and Performance, Leigh Devlin-Mastering, Richard Boa-Studio Technique and Stevie R-Creative Production and Remixing. I am really proud of the fact I managed a merit as an average on my course work and got a Distinction for Mastering.

Words of wisdom-As long as you're not strangling kittens or drowning puppies, its probably an ok thing to do.

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