Hobbyist Boudoir Music Producer

Groover the Barbarian started out as a child carer, helping look after his Mum and Brother (who had Spina Bifida) then worked at McDonald's before starting training in the NHS as an ODP in the 80s. During this time he began DJing and then in the 90s, through a bit of odd luck and a 100 mile move, he studied Entertainment Technology at University of Portsmouth and worked as a resident DJ at UPSU and various other bars in Pompey. Sadly, in 2000, his brother Mark passed away due to complications with Spina Bifida.

Returning to London in the mid Noughties, he began caring for his Mum and had to take her ex partner to court for harassment and won. Unfortunately, soon after this he went into hospital with stomach pain and was told he was lucky to be alive due to an abscess in his pelvis and was subsequently diagnosed with Crohn's disease. He has gained a veritable shopping list of diagnoses which include Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Complex PTSD... (its a big list).

In 2019 he put on Daylight, a Jungle and Drum n Bass shindig for people with Disabilities and their Carers.

Unfortunately, in 2021 Mum the Barbarian passed away due to a cancer, and then in 2023 he had his own cancer scare which resulted in a partial thyroidectomy. Ultimately he got the all clear, it was an adenoma, and is very grateful to the staff at UCLH for looking after him.

Groover is currently Woodshedding.

WATCH THIS SPACE...Keep your fingers crossed for me